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Dog park needs continued support

Posted May 26, 2011 By EMC News

Dear Editor:

We as a committee for the off-leash dog park just wanted to let you know how well things are proceeding so far.

The town has been very helpful and willing to aid us in this cause. They are working with us to find a suitable location for all parties involved. Our committee, along with town staff, are also discussing with other local areas how they have set up their dog parks to help make this possibility a reality.

We as a committee are willing to work together with local businesses and neighbours in the vicinity of the park. We are also working with the town staff on enforcing rules and regulations and assistance with cleaning up so that the area will remain usable for all dog owners.

This process does take some time and we all have to have a little patience. What we need is for the people of the town to show their continued support of this initiative!

With everyone banding together to show their support then things proceed as planned and usually a little faster. So please, we encourage everyone to keep signing the petition at Doggie Styles Grooming if you haven't already or go to our Facebook page called "Public Dog Park in Smiths Falls" and sign up!

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest in our endeavours.

We will be sure to let everyone know how things are going as we know more.


Public Dog Park Committee

Michelle Vienneau, Ann Curran, Irene Adams, Elizabeth Nicholson, Ruth Mayhew, Carla Verheagie and Virginia Anderson

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