Smiths Falls

Obey the rules of the road when cycling

Posted Jun 3, 2010 By Kirk Everett


I would like to offer up some ideas on how to make Smiths Falls safer for cyclists.

Number one - Cyclists should - must - obey all traffic rules. A bicycle is included in the Highway Traffic Act, it is a vehicle. Children in particular should be instructed.

Number two - Biking on sidewalks, on the wrong side of the road, not stopping at stop signs, running red lights, etc., is just plain stupid and invites disaster.

Number three - Police should stop cyclists breaking traffic laws, fine them and force them to attend safe riding classes.

Number four - Cyclists should wear clothing that is easily seen. Lights at night are a must, as are helmets.

Number five - Motorists should recognize the difficulties that arise after hitting a cyclist - performing first aid, waiting for the ambulance and police, irate parents, etc.

My wife and I have cycled throughout much of North America, Europe and India, without a scratch.

We also make sure to obey the rules.

Kirk Everett

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