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Local boy brings professional comedy show to town Aug 17

Posted Jul 19, 2012 By Stacey Roy

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 Randy Borden
Randy Borden
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 Jason Blanchard
Jason Blanchard
EMC Entertainment -Canadian comedian, Randy Borden found his first audience at the schools and neighbourhoods of Smiths Falls. Next month he will be returning home with a couple of friends to offer a high caliber comedy showcase without the travel.

"It gives me an opportunity to come back home," Borden said from his residence in southern Ontario.

The Smiths Falls native will be welcoming his past classmates and neighbours to the Smiths Falls Civitan Hall Friday, Aug. 17 for the 8:30 p.m. show. Headlining the night will be Jason Blanchard, a comedian with small town roots and big time talent. Blanchard has been able to take his comedy to many platforms from television (Stand Up & Bite Me) to the live stage with great success. As a former paratrooper, Blanchard was honoured to travel to Kandahar and perform in front of the troops. He has logged in over 10,000 hours of stand-up time, much of which has been clocked going up and down the coast on cruise ship gigs.

"Working on cruise ships you have to have two sets of materials," Borden explained.

Blanchard's ability to play to an adult or adult-youth crowd makes him a natural choice for Borden to welcome him back to the area. Last year, the pair worked at Borden's family campground for his annual show.

Blanchard will be sharing the stage with Brian Hope of Kingston. Hope has been seen on BITE TV, the New York City Underground Comedy Festival and the Calgary FunnyFest throughout his nearly 12-year career.

Borden is pleased to bring both guys with him to Smiths Falls this summer, saying they represent the type of natural talent that creates solid memories for comedic audiences.

"They're very interactive with the audience," Borden said.

This isn't the first comedy show Borden has brought to his family and friends. So far he has presented three shows in Smiths Falls and one in Perth, but this will be the first time he is doing it as a stage organizer complete with all the risk.

"It's kind of a challenge," Borden said.

His goal has always been to provide a high-quality show in the Smiths Falls area that will provide his friends with the type of entertainment they deserve without the expensive of travel that's often required.

The local boy turned comedian is working his way into the industry methodically on a part-time basis. These days, he is dedicating his energies toward his son, volunteering his time as a goalie coach for the boy's team and doing shows in Toronto as much as possible. All this effort is directed to one dream: "Ultimately, I think I'd like to write for someone like Adam Sandler," he said.

He invites all his former classmates from St. John's and Smiths Falls and District Collegiate Institute to come down and check out the show. Tickets are $10 a person and can be purchased in advance by calling 613-283-8006.

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