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Posted Nov 24, 2011 By Matt Whiten

EMC Lifestyle - It was another busy week for the Redhawks. Penny Wars finished last week, which was a huge success. In total the school raised $1, 500. All the profits from penny wars are going to the organization Canadian Feed the Children, an organization whose mission is to "reduce the impact of poverty on children in places such as Africa, Haiti, Bolivia, and also Canada."

As penny wars ended a new fundraiser began. Teachers and students have continued to participate in "Movember" which is in support of prostate cancer. This week a shave or stay campaign started for the teachers and students who are participating in Movember. It will determine whether they can shave on Dec. 1st , or will have to keep their moustaches for an extra week. Bring in your money and cast your vote Redhawks!

The senior boys basketball team, who won OFSSA last year, had their first exhibition game against St. Peter's High School from Ottawa last Wednesday. They put in great effort, but fell short 63-50. Also the senior and junior girl's volleyball tryouts began this year with Mrs. Drouin coaching the senior girls and Mr. Wheeler taking command of the junior girls. Both teams are coming off successful campaigns last season, which had the junior and senior teams both winning the LCIAA titles and placing 3rd and second in EOSSAA respectively.

Parents should be aware that midterms report cards come out this week. Also, the annual Arts Gala will be held on Thursday night from 7-9 p.m. There will be drama and music presentations, as well as art to see, and a silent auction. The cost is $5 at the door and the money raised will go towards building the arts program at SFDCI. Please call the school for more information.

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