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A tribute to the community of Smiths Falls

Posted Nov 24, 2011 By Joe Mcgrath

Dear Editor:

On Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, I suffered a cardiac arrhythmia and my heart stopped during a hockey game at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre.

Due to the concerted efforts of a dedicated, skilled firefighter who performed CPR, Smiths Falls Bears equipment manager Tom Arnold who ran for the defibrillator, the trainers/paramedics of the Smiths Falls Bears, Dale McCabe who administered the defibrillator, and the Cumberland Grads' trainer Mario Dupuis who monitored my vital signs, as well as the assistance of Doctor Moran, a cardiologist in attendance and first response personnel from Smiths Falls and Lanark County, I live today to give thanks!

I thank God for being in an environment where all this medical expertise was available and readily provided to me.

Many thanks to the great team of experts who saved my life and to those who assisted my family members during this ordeal, as well as to the hockey fans who so graciously wished me well as I left the building with the paramedics.

Smiths Falls proved to be a caring and gracious community. I look forward to continue supporting my grandson's team (Smiths Falls Bears), attending hockey games, and sharing my appreciation and gratefulness with one and all.


#5's grandpa -

Joe McGrath

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