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Playground build a shining example of community

Posted Jun 3, 2010 By Ashley Kulp

EMC Lifestyle - We've all heard or seen the news reports declaring that the Town of Smiths Falls is down and out, but as someone who works in the community on a daily basis, I simply don't think that's the case.

With the hospital having opened last week following a large redevelopment and plenty of successful businesses throughout the town, Smiths Falls has a lot to offer. But it's not just about the employment aspect that makes the town a success, it's the people. And that has never been more evident for me than when I attended the Chimo Public School playground build day last month while on duty for the weekend.

While principal Daryl Kelly noted that the evening before the build, 220 volunteers had registered, it was clear that there were more than that on the grounds of the school on the actual day.

To me, seeing members of local service clubs such as the Smiths Falls Lions Club, representatives from council (mayor Dennis Staples), parents, kids, and even people who have no involvement in the school but just wanted to help out, that's the true definition of community.

During my time at the event, I noticed large groups of volunteers helping with all aspects of the day, from hauling stone to fill in the playgrounds, helping cut wood for the deck for an outdoor education area, or flipping hamburgers and hot dogs on the barbecue, this was such a success because of the community.

These people spent their Saturday to help enrich the lives of others, asking nothing in return. And their simple gesture will in turn, allow scores of future Chimo students and children in the community, have a safe and fun playground to enjoy.

Kelly noted that it's really due to the community (who not only helped build it but helped raise money during the fundraising campaign), that the playground exists.

So when others are so quick to put Smiths Falls down or judge certain aspects of the town, remind them of the great assets this town has that not all others can boast: wonderfully giving people.

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